The American Board grants the American international agency documented with a code (a special number) of both types:

a. General agency: which includes an entire country and authorizes its owner to manage the American Board in the concerned country and to conduct all activities such as conferences and sessions, granting credits and branch offices for this country.

B. The private agency: which includes a specific city or state and authorizes its owner to run the American Board in the concerned city or state to set up all the specialized programs in the board.

Privileges and rights of the public and private agent:

1. The agent has the right to grant accreditation of both personal and institutional types to all companies, institutions and trainers in the area of his agency.

2. He has the right to issue all the services of the American Board that he does, which include:

American International Passage certificates.
– The American International Membership Identity to practice the profession of training or specialization by the American Board.
Accreditations of all kinds and specialties.
Postgraduate Certificate, which includes:
Doctorate – Masters – Bachelor – Higher Diploma.

3- The bags of all companies and trainers are approved by the American Board after being approved by the Scientific Committee.

4. The American Board supports its agents by marketing and promoting their training courses and all their programs under the auspices and supervision of the American Board and are documented in all the official websites of the Board.

5. Attending seminars and conferences held by the American Board in Washington and all over the world in its branch offices.

6. The American Board shall certify the certificates approved by the following ministries:
– The US State Department
– The US Department of Justice
Embassy of the subscriber’s country.

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