The American Board grants the American International Certificate of Excellence in all its specializations and recognized globally by the United States of America, Washington, DC, as this certificate is useful in:

 The student has passed and successfully graduated from the relevant course.

 It allows him to practice his profession all over the world.

 Strengthen his CV.

 Reducing the fees for participating in courses held by the American Board.

 Activities and Programs:

 The American Board holds many training, cultural, educational and charitable activities and programs all over the world:


 Professional training courses and workshops.

 Scientific, intellectual and cultural conferences and symposia.

 Voluntary campaigns and charitable aid.

 Scientific, intellectual and national evenings and festivals.

Rehabilitation and development programs for organizations, ministries and societies.

 -Specialized advisory services.

Identity of practicing the professional profession:


‏ The American Board grants the identity of practicing the profession of international training and for all of its specializations after proving his entitlement to this identity, as it allows him to practice the profession of specialization in all parts of the world as well as proves his membership in the American Board, which gives him many privileges and specialties in all parts of the world.

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